Upscaling Day Of The Tentacle with Scummvm

Following the announcement of Day Of The Tentacle 2016 Remastered plus the pleasant reminder of what a great point & click Day Of The Tentacle is/was, I thought it would be interesting to look at the current options for filtering / upscaling Day Of The Tentacle in ScummVM in its original state.

ScummVM offers many options for upscaling:

  • 2X
  • TV2x
  • AdvMAME2x
  • 2xSAI
  • Super2xSAI
  • SuperEagle
  • HQ2x
  • DotMatrix
  • 3X scalers
  • 3X
  • AdvMAME3x
  • HQ3x

In ScummVM you can select a different filter in real-time while playing, by pressing ctrl-alt-# and then a number between 1-9 which corresponds to one of the above filters.

After some real soul-searching, and deep contemplation – I decided that for me AdvMame 3x was the best filter as it would actually upscale to as slightly higher resolution than the others (which tended to stay at 640×480) which was 960×720.

Here are the screenshots for your own eyes:

I think 2xSAI yields probably the best scaling, and compared to the original – it’s a nice compromise if you want to play the game right now.   The 2016 Remaster looks superior, and will likely scale to much higher resolutions far better – but is it actually worth paying out for?


The ‘Original’ is charming enough, the slapstick whimsical art style, top notch voice acting and story trumps the resolution all day long.  Personally I think they should have left it alone and come up with a worthy sequel instead.