Is it worth getting into WoW after avoiding it for so long?

After a brief trial many years ago, I’ve decided to return to Azeroth and once again flirt with World of Warcraft.
This week I am mostly interested to see the Cataclysm and the end of days of Azeroth as we know it.

However it has been brought to my attention that my planned brief liaison with the gnomes, blood elves and dwarfs may develop into a full on relationship that could affect me back here in the real world.

Luckily I’m very strong at resisting these urges and am also pretty cheap so the monthly fee is already there as a barrier of entry that hasn’t been justified to me yet. Not to say that WoW is too expensive, if it was a game I really wanted to play lots and lots of then the updates, world events and community would be worth the expense. I played a lot of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer and it that was only available on a subscription model but was supported like WoW then I’m pretty sure I could find a way to pay.

But for question of the day: Is it worth getting into WoW after avoiding it for so long?

2 Replies to “Is it worth getting into WoW after avoiding it for so long?”

  1. I’ve never felt compelled to play WoW, despite enjoying games of the d&d-style genre (dragonage / morrowind etc). .

    I think the stereotype of your average WoW gamer has put me off, along with my addictive personality (meaing I would very likely say goodbye to my ‘real’ life until something gave!

    The other reason is that from what I gather you actually have to rely on the other people playing to game to advance in it. One encounters so many cretins playing other games online, I don’t fancy doing anything other than boom-headshot, quite frankly 🙂

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