Doctor Who: Blood of the Cybermen Review

Previously in my review of episode 1: I was forgiving of the rudimentary game-play in the hope that the next episode would build on the first one and expand its bag of tricks….
Unfortunately it hasn’t, instead this episode repeats the issues of the first game and makes no efforts to improve on the previous episode. Sadly, our guess is that the remaining set of episodes will probably be rehashes of the poor stealth action and several perfunctory puzzles with no over-arching storyline running through the episodes.  DEW DEW DOO…..

For  ‘Blood of the Cybermen’ they have replaced the Daleks with the Cybermen and, well, that’s about it.

The game sets you up with an actual cliff-hanger before the iconic intro kicks in and from there we are left to control the Doctor and his lovely assistant Amy Pond through a pretty mindless adventure. This time to stop the Cybermen.

An Arctic dig has uncovered a frozen Cybermen Ship and the dig team have been assimilated into Cyberslaves who are working hard to dig out the ship to restore it to its former glory. Luckily the Doctor is on hand to save the day. Unluckily you have to play through this sub-standard adventure game to do so.

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This episode plays like swimming through treacle. Rather than introduce interesting puzzles and game-play mechanics the makers have decided to place generic puzzles, a basic overused stealth mechanic and sprinklings of random platforming to slow down your progress and flesh out the game. There is a real lack of quality to the design of this game. In the first episode and at the start of this one you cannot walk off ledges however at one point in this game you can fall off as they include some slow moving platforms for you to travel between. This sort of fundamental change to the game-play mechanics introduced randomly makes no sense and does not fit – Mario this ain’t.

The game still contains the voices of the two main actors from the show however there are some sections where the Doctor’s thoughts are not spoken just presented in text which feel out of place. The story is not up to much either. They’ve really dropped the ball releasing an episodic game based on a television show and yet not tying the episodes together with any sort of storyline arc.

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So unless you’re a die hard fan of the show or you enjoy poorly designed licensed games I wouldn’t recommend this game. While I can understand the need to make the game accessible to all, poor design has made playing the game a slog and shoddy implementation like on television will turn people off.
You can download the latest episode of Doctor Who here, or watch this video of the Matt Smith on stage at Glastonbury with Orbital – we promise, you will enjoy it more.

3 out of 10


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