Half Life 2: Episode 3 rumour image. updated – teh fake :(

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After the cancellation of the Portal 2 event for a “surprise” – now this image surfaces. . .

edit: and turns out to be fake. .! Ah well, the PC gaming community can relax once again. Just to mix things up; there are some screen grabs of (probably fake) emails from Gabe Newell also doing the rounds.  One jokingly suggesting L4D2 Episode 1 (what a horrible thought), and another saying it isn’t episode 3.

The episode 3 rumours are flying once again with the circulation of this image (click to make large):


..and without going all X-Files, perhaps most controversially is that if you run the image through Photoshop, and mess with curves/levels you can more or less make out the shape of Gman’s face?


Oooh, spooky? What can it all mean? Surely Episode 3 is a dead cert, now?

Let us know what you think in the comments box, all speculation welcome! :)

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3 thoughts on “Half Life 2: Episode 3 rumour image. updated – teh fake :(

  1. Freemon

    Hi, i did the same thing, but i also tried to aply some half life familiar faces to the image. G-man fits perfectly. the dimensions, the position of the face “components”.

    Perfect match.

  2. SDG Post author

    Freemon, wouldn’t mind seeing those tests! :)

    There’s talk on the forums that it could be Ep3, HL3, or even a fake?! :)

  3. SDG Post author

    Timeline of events (copied from a Reddit post):

    -Someone on the steam forums posts image (without indication where he got it from): http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?p=15267467#post15267467

    -Chris Hawke picks it up: http://systemlink.gamersguidetolife.com/2010/06/half-life-2-episode-3-pretty-much.html#comment-54805380

    -godfree finds Chris Hawke’s post, puts image on twitpic: http://twitter.com/godfree/status/15454072598

    -twitpic link gets posted to reddit.

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